How to Declutter Your Home

When you look around your house, do you always get the feeling that you own way too much stuff? Do you always make a promise to clean up, but end up not cleaning up at all? You probably have a problem with decluttering. Or more precisely, you probably have a strong need to declutter your home, if only to make it feel more like a home again. You might feel that you don’t really have the time to do this, but trust your instincts – it will all be worth it.

Decluttering your home is really going to take a lot of commitment, and so it’s not for those who plan to bail out anytime. However, for those who do commit to it, decluttering promises you a clearer state of mind as you take a look at how much your home has changed in a span of a few hours.

Do’s to Get Started on Decluttering

Do give yourself at least five minutes. The magic of giving yourself five minutes for any task which you wish to do is that it makes you do things more quickly and more efficiently, because you know that you only have five minutes to do it. It might be good to actually have a countdown timer that sounds off an alarm when five minutes is done. Pressure, pressure.

Do follow this simple principle: give away one item each day. Sounds like a silly principle, right? But as soon as you start doing it, you’ll realize that you actually have more room in your house, day by day, while at the same time making more and more people happy through your little acts of everyday generosity.

Do take the 12-12-12 challenge. If you’re easily intimidated by numbers, don’t worry. This isn’t a mathematical formula or anything remotely similar to that. Very simply, 12-12-12 means you make a list, identifying 12 items which you must throw away (those boxes which you always thought were cute but don’t really need, come on), 12 items to donate (all those clothes you bought online with your Abubot discount code, and the housewares that you bought online with your Park N Shop coupon discount, you no longer have room for them, do you?), and lastly, 12 items to be returned to their proper place.


  1. Decluttering is actually so much fun. Everyone should try it.

  2. I tried to declutter yesterday, I couldn’t get past the living room. LOL. I’ll try 12-12-12 though.

  3. Decluttering makes the messy house a home. I agree with the article.

  4. It is also important to keep organized. Most people just leave things unkept that it becomes clutter all over the place.

  5. The most important trick to declutter is to minimize and not buy things out of impulse.

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  7. The most common issue inside the home – clutter! I’m always amazed how my Mom cleaned up our mess all the time. LOL

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