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"This crowd got it in" – Prince at Rockhal

Cassandra O'Neal, keyboardist to Prince and the New Power Generation, talks to 352LuxMag about the Rockhal concert and touring with the legend that is Prince.

Published on 14/07/2011 by Brian Power | Read 938 times.

"The crowd in this country were great. The thing is, they come to the concert to party. When they know a song, they sing it at the top of their lungs. When they don't, they listen and they appreciate." Cassandra O'Neal has been to Luxembourg before, "in 2001 or 2002 I think it was," when she was working with Pink.

Since October 2009, she has been playing and touring with Prince. How is that experience? "Prince can put a picture together," she says. "He brings things to life and makes it look so easy. In fact, it is a privilege to be a paint, to be one single colour, on his canvas. He just feels it. He is aware of everything. And playing with him, you learn so much. Not just musically but emotionally as well. It's an awesome experience."

Unusual impressions...

A highlight of the show in the Rockhal must have been the performance of the track Something in the Water (Does not Compute). Cassandra and Prince performed this as a duet. She is modest about her own role: "yeah, it was really well received, but I think the important thing is that the fans get to see Prince, to hear him so intimately. That's a really cool moment for his fans."

The tour takes Prince to Italy next, where he will play in Umbria. Cassandra is looking forward to that. "I hear it's really warm there. Though it rained here last night and I like that too. It makes me sleep better." Her impressions of Luxembourg are a little surprising. She is thrilled that the audience "got it in" last night. She also says that "you guys have really good shopping here." Then she says something truly surprising... "This city, with the shopping and the people, you know, it kinda reminds me of LA."

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